CCAP Wisconsin Search By Name

The state of Wisconsin initiated its Wisconsin Court Access Program, which aimed at improving the accessibility of Wisconsin court record details for the general public. The Wisconsin Courts Access Program was earlier called the Consolidated Court Automation Program.

CCAP Wisconsin Search by Name

CCAP Wisconsin Court Case Search

The CCAP is essentially the online version of the Court records database available to the citizens. Users can simply log on to this website and after entering relevant details like case number, Docket number or you can even search Wisconsin Court cases by name also. after entering Required details you see Court trials conducted in the past.

Barring a few criminal records, all other case files are legally made public by Wisconsin courts.

How this Consolidated Court Automation Program (CCAP) Formed

The Consolidated Courts Automation Program (CCAP) was initiated because of the rising number of requests to sheriffs and attorneys regarding a system to be created where criminal records could be searched by names.

Ever since the Wisconsin Courts Access Program came into force, media persons, citizens, and even lawyers have benefited greatly because of the ease with which they can search for criminal records from the enormous and endless databases.

Checking Wisconsin Court Records Online

Simply visit the Wisconsin Online Record Check System. This is an online directory, where adult criminal history information can be obtained easily, and the database is even searchable by name. The only thing to remember is that the Wisconsin Supreme Court and other Wisconsin legislatures have decided to levy a charge for giving such access to the general users.

The Wisconsin court system has a case search feature as well. There is a website where you can access all written and printed information regarding old cases. So, information of every preceding held for a particular case will be available to the public via this platform.

The bottom line

Requesting a criminal record check is quite simple in Wisconsin. The erstwhile Consolidated Court Automation Program which is replaced by the broader Wisconsin Court Access Program has improved the legal transparency in the state.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I look up someone’s criminal record in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Clerk Courts Offices situated in the respective courthouses where the cases were heard will possess records for all criminal cases. Milwaukee County Clerk of Circuit Court or Dane County Register of Deeds are two good examples of the same. Simply contact these offices and seek relevant information from them directly.

What is CCAP Wisconsin?

CCAP stands for Consolidated Court Automation Programs. It is a service rendered by the Wisconsin state’s judicial system to provide IT services for record keeping and tracking in the Wisconsin courts.

Are court records public in Wisconsin

With the exception of financial statements, all court records are open and accessible to the public. In the family court cases, however, paternity case details are not disclosed openly.

How do I look up my criminal record in Wisconsin?

The Wisconsin Online Record Check System (WORCS) has complete information regarding criminal records in the state. You can submit your request to get the details regarding your criminal record directly on the portal.

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