Wisconsin Circuit Court Access

Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA) is an online platform that grants the public access to a repository of select circuit court records in Wisconsin. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows individuals to search for and view court case information, including party names, case types, hearing dates and outcomes.

Actually The goal of Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA) is to make the legal system more open and accountable by giving the public accurate and up-to-date information on cases.

Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA)

The Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA) website provides public records about Wisconsin circuit court cases. To access the public records, you must have a clear understanding of the information you are searching for and select the “Search” option. The website will make a list of all the cases that match your search criteria, so you can look at the information in the case files.

WCCA makes it easy to access public court records from Wisconsin circuit courts, but sensitive or confidential information may not be available. To find the right case files, it is important to know what kind of information you’re looking for and use the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access website.

Wisconsin circuit court access WCCA

How to Access to the public records of the Wisconsin circuit courts

Here is a step by step process to access public records of the Wisconsin circuit courts:

  • Go to the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA) website at wcca.wicourts.gov.
  • Click on the “I Agree” button to accept the terms and conditions of use.
  • Click on the “Search” button in the top menu bar to start your search.
  • Enter the search criteria for the case you are looking for. You can search by case number, party name, attorney name, or judge name.
  • Select the county where the case was filed from the drop-down menu, but note that some counties may require additional information.
  • Click on the “Search” button to generate a list of cases matching your search criteria.
  • Review the search results and click on the case number to view the case details.
  • You can view the case summary, party information, and case events, as well as documents filed in the case, such as pleadings, orders, and judgments.
  • If you want to download or print a document, click on the “View/Print” button next to the document.

Different Types of Courts in Wisconsin and Their Function

Wisconsin has a system of courts that serve different purposes and have different jurisdictions, ranging from the highest court to local courts that handle traffic violations. If you need legal help in Wisconsin, it is important to know what each court does and what it is responsible for.

1. Municipal Courts

Municipal courts are the lowest level of courts in Wisconsin’s three-tier court system. They have limited jurisdiction and handle cases involving municipal ordinance violations, traffic offenses, and misdemeanor cases. Municipal judges are chosen by the mayor or, in larger cities, by the people who live there. Wisconsin has 230 Municipal courts with 232 presiding judges. The two full-time municipal courts in Wisconsin are located in Madison and Milwaukee, respectively. The one in Milwaukee is the largest, with three full-time municipal judges appointed for the proceedings.

2. Circuit Courts

Circuit courts are the trial courts of general jurisdiction in Wisconsin, handling civil and criminal cases. They are organized by county, and each county has at least one circuit judge. The first single-level circuit court was established in 1978, and Wisconsin has 253 circuit court judges, with Milwaukee County having the biggest circuit court with 47 judges appointed.

3. Court Of Appeals

Appellate courts in Wisconsin include the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. The Court of Appeals is split into four districts, and it hears appeals from the circuit courts and administrative agencies. The Wisconsin Supreme Court has the final say on appeals and the power to keep an eye on the rest of the court system. Justices on the appellate courts are elected by the voters for ten-year terms. The Court Of Appeals in Wisconsin handles around 1200 cases every year and is presided over by four judges for major districts in the state.

4. Supreme Court

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is the highest court in the state, having the authority to hear and decide cases appealed from the lower courts. It also has the power to review decisions of administrative agencies. Seven justices are elected for a tenure of 10 years from different districts across the State. The court order passed by the Supreme Court is considered final and no further appeal can be made.

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FAQs on WI Circuit Court Access

How do I look up someone’s criminal record in Wisconsin?

To look up data regarding a person’s past criminal record, you can either check the available records of the Wisconsin Department of Justice Crime Information Bureau Or the court’s case files on the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access website as well.

What is Wisconsin CCAP?

Wisconsin Consolidated Court Automation Programs Or CCAP is the implementation of software and hardware applications to ensure that classified data is maintained appropriately and that the Wisconsin Court System always has ready access to it.

Is there a way to watch court cases online?

The www.wicourts.gov website can be used to obtain links for live online Court sessions. You can get these links from the “Live Stream Courts” section of the website. The Public Access to Court Electronic Records system (PACER) can be another option.

How do you find out the outcome of a court case?

To find out the outcome of a case, you can visit the courthouse and check the paper or electronic court records for a given court case number. If the court has the provision, then remote access court services can also be availed.

What is the sole purpose of circuit courts in Wisconsin?

Circuit courts in Wisconsin are district-level courts that are particularly meant for hearings in all civil and criminal matters within the state.

What is the purpose of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals?

If a party is not satisfied with the judgment pronounced by a Circuit court, they can appeal further in the Court of Appeals, making it an intermediate appellate court.

What is the most important court in Wisconsin?

The court of last resort or the Supreme Court is the most important court in Wisconsin. Here, the final hearing on any matter that has been reviewed in lower courts is done to give the final verdict.

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